This is a flat view of all the representations and relations. If you would rather explore our API starting from the Entry Point, please use the Browser.

Quick reminder:
  • Representation: a set of name-value pairs representing the state of a resource.
  • Relation: the identifier of a link between two resources.


  1. binary-content-representation
  2. get-binary-content

1. binary-content-representation

Description: A binary content representation. A binary content is generally a representation of a binary document.

The MIME type of the binary-content. Example: application/pdf. Constraints: Text, Read-Write.
The content encoding. Constraints: Text among Base64, Read-Write.
The actual binary content. Constraints: Text, Read-Write.

2. get-binary-content (relation)

Description: Get one binary content.


No dynamic property needed. This usually means that the server already took the liberty to build the full URL for you depending on the context. Less code for you!